Wondering where you can live in a tiny home?

Find out where you can put a tiny house, what cities are changing their zoning laws, or how to buy land and start a tiny house community.


I'm Lee, and a decade ago I built the nation's first tiny house on wheels community.

Since then, I've helped thousands of people get started on their tiny home journeys, and the #1 question I still get asked is:


I wanted to be able to answer that question more easily, so I developed resources from my years of experience to guide you step-by-step on how to find a place for your tiny home.


As featured in:

As featured in:


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Learn about the zoning types that allow tiny homes and tips to find a place for yours!

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Take the Tiny House Placement Course

  • Learn about finding land for your tiny home (to rent or buy), zoning, property setup, systems for your home, lease agreements, and much more.

  • Developed from over a decade of my experience helping thousands of people on their tiny house journeys and consulting with dozens of cities on tiny homes.


Get Personalized Guidance

Want to hop on a call with me for personalized guidance?

I offer a few consultation options to help you come up with a plan for your tiny home or land.

  • This is a "pick-my-brain" 50-minute phone or video consultation on tiny homes, zoning or community development.
  • Includes my recommendations for your project.
  • Also includes follow-up email with links to recommended resources.
  • Note: this consultation option does not include any research by me into your specific situation or location's zoning, but I can answer all general questions, including general zoning questions. If you'd like me to research your particular location for you, though, please select the comprehensive consultation.
  • My specialized research into your situation (i.e. what city you're looking to park a tiny home in, where your land is located if you want to build, etc.)
  • 50-minute video or phone consultation for me to present my findings, offer my recommendations and answer any questions.
  • Follow-up email with links to recommended resources and my research results.

I also offer the following custom services:

  • Property development services, remote or on-site
  • Site suitability analyses
  • Mapping services
  • Community models and planning

Please book a short call with me from the calendar below if you're interested in discussing these options:


NOTE: Given the private nature of tiny house placement, I don't require any clients to provide public reviews, but I'm grateful when they do!

"Provided us with info that is often buried or difficult to find"

"Lee gave us a lot of confidence with our purchase of two tiny homes in the DC area. She helped clarify what questions we should be asking in regards to zoning and other needed permits.

Also, she was able to clarify what steps were needed to take to make the homes functional. She provided us with info that is often buried or difficult to find."

Jordan & Micha'le

"We would not be where we are today without her guidance"

"Lee is like a tiny house fairy godmother / boss lady extraordinaire. We have known and engaged her over the past four years, from when we first started dreaming of having a tiny house, through our build, to today where we are happily parked.

At each major point, we attended one of her workshops or webinars which had the perfect info we needed to make our next big decisions.

She is equally adept at orienting you to the nitty gritty details of zoning as she is providing the moral support and experience needed to take the plunge and navigate all the uncertainty. We are so thankful for her, and would not be where we are today without her guidance."

Sara & Ben

"She was very knowledgeable about zoning"

"Lee exuded extreme competence, as well as a warm and friendly realism about building a house that made her very relatable.

She was very knowledgeable about zoning, and was candid about her experience, which I learned a lot from."


"I'm feeling a lot more confident going forward with my tiny house plans"

"I'm super grateful for my conversation with Lee. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the information online, especially with the gray area and everyone's situations being very unique.

Lee has a lot of experience, expertise, and optimism, so talking to her with my specific context as the jumping-off point was super helpful. I'm feeling a lot more confident about going forward with my tiny house plans!

Ashley, MD

"Very thorough research"

"Love her energy and the passion!

Lee was super helpful and compiled very thorough research for me."

Olivia, NY

"I learned how to find safe and legal options"

"Through Lee's webinar, I learned where I am in the process.

I have a long way to go, but I learned how to find safe and legal options so I dont have to move out of state and find work elsewhere to live my dream of living tiny and financially free as a homeowner."

Tiny Home Webinar participant, Fall 2021

Places that Allow Tiny Homes


Database of places that allow Tiny Homes

searchable by type of tiny home (on foundation, on wheels, etc) and location!


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